Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design

1What are the first steps towards the creation of a website?
The first thing before building a website is to select the appropriate domain name and hosting package. A domain name is the address that users enter in a broswer to visit your website.
2Does the website belong to me after it is finished?
3What about the domain name and hosting of the website?
4Is there a fixed expense for my website?
3Will my website be compatible with mobiles & tablets?
6Can i monitor the construction of the website?
7Will i be able to make changes to my website by myself?
8Do you provide support after the completion of the website?
9What do you need in order to build my website?

Web Hosting

1What happens if the space in my hosting package gets full?
You can control the available space through the plesk management environment. If the available space in your hosting package starts to run out, you will automatically be notified by email. In case you need extra space we can upgrade your package.
2Do you provide hosting services for a website that has been built by another company?
3How can i transfer the hosting of my site?


1How do I access my email via Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple, Android, iPhone?
To access your email via MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Email, Android & iPhone, follow the instructions as shown here.
2How can I check my email via a broswer?
3How do I create a new email account?

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